DFW 9 Ball Tour Committee

The DFW 9-Ball Tour committee consists of players that have played in the tour in the past which consists 11 players and 1 local professional / Hall Of Famer Jeremy Jones. These members work behind the scenes to ensure that we run a successful and enjoyable tournament. Any major decisions that require a rule change or resolution to a dispute will be presented to the members of the committee for a decision.

Board of Directors - Crispian Ng, David "Doc" Reyes, Jay "The Promoter" Murillo

Operations Manager/Treasurer – Ginger Abadilla

Members – Charlie Roberts, Duane Randolph, Fahad Alrawi, Jeff Georges, Jennifer Hooten, Monica Anderson, Rob Lovelace

Handicap Committee – Crispian Ng, David Reyes, Jay Murillo, Jeremy Jones, Philip Palmer

DFW 9 Ball Instructor – Jeremy Jones ( Hall Of Famer)

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