• DFW 9 Ball Tour Player Agreement 2024

    The DFW 9 Ball Tour is a nationally-recognized Tour and a stepping stone for players to improve their game to be able to compete in other big tournaments.  Therefore, these rules and regulations are the next step for the Tour and players.

    By signing this agreement, I understand and agree to the following:

    I am responsible for familiarizing myself with the rules and regulations of the DFW 9 Ball Tour and agree to abide by them. I understand that good sportsmanlike behavior is expected of me and that disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. I acknowledge that the DFW 9 Ball Tour reserves the right to eject players from any tournament, or suspend or ban players from participating in the tour, for poor sportsmanship and also other inappropriate behavior including forfeits, cheating, or sharking. In the event such punitive actions are taken by the DFW 9 Ball Tour, I acknowledge that any entry fees paid as well as any monies or awards won are forfeited.

    I understand that my personal contact information may be used only by the DFW 9 Ball Tour to communicate information regarding the Tour.

    By signing this agreement and/or entering an DFW 9 Ball Tour tournament, I agree to abide by all rules and regulations implemented by the DFW 9 Ball Tour.  The DFW 9 Ball Tour, and all event representatives, agents, sponsors, and affiliates are released and to be held harmless of and from any injury, illness, death, losses, damages, liability or expenses of any kind incurred by me, my heirs, or personal representatives either caused or alleged to be caused during or surrounding this event. Maximum liability, if any, is limited to reimbursement of the entry fee paid for that event.

    The DFW 9 Ball Tour may use my photograph, image, likeness, or name for information, reporting or promotional purposes via print, video and other media.

    For more information:  www.dfw9bt.com

    Please read the following important rules:

    • Must play in 4 stops to be eligible for 2023 Season Finale
    • Lag for break when playing on feature table, rack for opponent, use Accu-Racks
    • Headphones / earbuds are not allowed
    • 9-ball does NOT count in bottom two pockets on the break
    • MUST be present at 10:00am or you forfeit your spot
    • MUST have participated and been eliminated in main event tournament in order to be eligible to sign up to play in the Sunday Second Chance Tournament, if Second Chance Tournament is held.

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct:  The following are some examples of unsportsmanlike conduct and will not be tolerated, as they are disruptive to players and unprofessional:

    • slamming cues or fists on tables
    • talking to the audience during your match
    • using your cell phone (text or talk) during your match
    • being disruptive to your opponent or other players
    • sharking
    • forfeiting matches
    • talking excessively during matches
    • verbal abuse to another player or tournament director (TD) or tournament staff
    • physical altercations

    If unsportsmanlike conduct occurs during a match and the TD notices or TD is called over to the match for the behavior, offenses will be as follows: 

    1. After 3 warnings in a single match, player will be forfeited from their match
    2. After 3 warnings during a single tournament during different matches, player will be forfeited from tournament stop
    3. If either of the above occurs for more than 3 tournaments, DFW 9 Ball Tour has the right to ban or suspend players.

    Handicaps:  I understand that the Fargo Ratings will be used for handicaps and if any player is unestablished they will go by known ability (which is researched by several Tour Members and Tournament Directors).  Those handicaps may be raised or lowered at any time at the DFW 9 Ball Tours’ discretion.  I agree to abide by the DFW 9 Ball Tours’ assessment of my skill without argument for unestablished players. 

    Forfeits on Saturday:  Failure to inform the Tournament Director you need to forfeit your match on Saturday will exclude you from playing the next tour stop (and you lose your entry fee).  Walking out without informing the TDs affects the tournament flow:  Trying to locate you takes a lot of time, affects your opponent, causes the tournament to slow down, delays other matches, and affects players.

    Forfeits on Sunday:  If you forfeit on Sunday for a non-emergency, then you will not get your payout.  It will be dispersed evenly among all the spots below you.  If you are in the Players Auction payouts, the buyer gets half and the other half is dispersed evenly among all the spots below you.

    By signing this agreement, I understand and agree to all the above:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Price: $20.00
  • $0.00
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